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BlogBridge 3.0 Released

BlogBridge 3.0 came out a few days ago. As some of you know, I’ve been using previous versions for quite a while. What I like most about BlogBridge is that the software is croos platform ( I run it on my Ubuntu PCs, Fedora PCs, Mac Mini PowerPC, and MacBook ). The second best thign is that all my subscriptions are synchronized through the BlogBridge service. I can run BlogBridge anywhere and always pick up my most current configuration. the third best thing, and the reason I prefer BlogBridge over Web based RSS aggregators is that I can access BlogBridge (without synchronization), and read previously downloaded posts even when I am offline. I just wish they would improve the performance of the UI a bit but that’s the price to pay for using Java ( a small price – the software and the service is free ).
Try it out … BlogBridge: Downloading and Running BlogBridge

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