Apple iPhone on Vodafone India

I’m back in New Delhi and brought my iPhone along for the ride. I popped in a Hutch (Vodafone) SIM card into the iPhone. Everything appeared to be working fine, except EDGE/GPRS. I looked around and couldn’t find any sites with Vodafone India settings for the iPhone. I did, however, find this page on the Vodafone India site that gave all the information necessary to get EDGE/GPRS up and running.

To get EDGE running on Hutch/Vodafone India on your iPhone, go to Settings then tap on General then tap on Network and then on EDGE. On the EDGE screen enter “WWW” under APN. Done. Simple, huh?

Vodafone India EDGE Settings

The SIM Applications (Settings -> Phone) on my Hutch SIM card seem to partially work but I cannot check my bill from the iPhone. I believe reading that Apple doesn’t recognize any phone numbers or applications on SIM cards. However, I think SIM applications are partially recognized. If anyone has any other experiences, I’d love to hear about them.

Hutch/Vodafone India Services

Finally, don’t bother running any Carrier Services from Settings -> Phone as they appear to be hardcoded for AT&T.
iPhone Carrier Services

Anyone else running an iPhone in India on Hutch/Vodafone, Airtel, IDEA, or other networks, I’d love to hear your experiences.

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  1. It didn’t work “WWW” for me, although I am seeing E right next to the network signal bars. Any suggestions???

  2. iPhone User,
    If you’re seeing the “E” that would imply you’re getting an EDGE connection.

    there are no other steps. You should be able to connect. Are you seeing an “E”? Are you getting any error messages?

    You both should contact Vodaphone and make sure you are subscribed for their data service on PDA phones. Don’t tell them that you’re using an iPhone because they will probably tell you it’s not supported. If you are not subscribed to the data services, you may still see the “E” but you will not be able to connect to anything. The data services can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 per month, if I’m not mistaken.

    Please let me know what you both encounter.

  3. hell dear friends i am presently using china make screen touch mobile phone model i cant using the vodafone gprs please give me a manaul settings,,,

  4. Hi!
    I too can’t use the browser on internet services on GRPS as my iphone sohws E icon. I’m on vodafone Mumbai and I tried using APN as www and portalnmms but both do not work. Vodafone says tha basic GPRS won’t work and that I need to use EDGE network only which has a paid rental starting from 199/- per month. So thats it…I will probably quit vodafone and goto Airtel as I want to pay only for my use of internet rather than paying a monthly renatal just for internet services.

  5. 1)
    you put the vodafone sim directly into iphone without doing the unlocking stuff or
    u first unlocked the iphone and then inserted the vodafone ???

    wat is ur experience with iPhone better than N95 or worse than that ???

  6. Hi Samir,
    You’re correct. I have subscribed to Vodafone’s EDGE network (though the speeds are pretty slow). I can’t imagine getting a good Internet experience on the iPhone using GPRS only. I would advise that if you plan on using the iPhone for email, surfing the web, email, etc. The EDGE network will offer a slightly better experience than GPRS – at a price, of course. Please share your GPRS experiences if you do switch.

  7. iPhone Doubts,
    I originally purchased a 1.0.2 iPhone which required the original AT&T SIM to be in the phone during the unlocking process. I then “revirginized” the 1.0.2 phone and relocked it. The I upgraded the phone to 1.1.1 and unlocked ir. During the 1.1.1 upgrade and unlocking process, I also kept the original AT&T SIM in the iPhone, just to be safe. After unlocking the phone, I put my Vodafone SIM into the phone.

    On your second question, I don’t have any experience with the N95, though I’ve heard it is fantastic. My experience has been with the Nokia E61. They both have their benefits and drawbacks. However, my overall “happiness” factor is higher with the iPhone. Though far from perfect, the iPhone is a great multi-purpose device – iPod + Videos + 2MP Camera + easy synchronization + Safari Web browser + easy to use email. Of course, each person’s experience is different. Good luck with your decision and if you pick up the iPhone, please let us know about your experience.

  8. Hi…

    Ive recently bought i-phone form US, forst query how d oi find which version is my i-phone.

    second, after showing at couple of mobiel stores they are saying its the new verison , and would get unlocked but it would be number specific. pls suggest the processs to identify the version also let me know if oncve unlocked it would only work with one number

    third, how can i do the unlocking, can i get it done from any one….any risks in the same…can i do it myself…where can i get the process to do the same.

    Awaiting your revert….

    1. It seems like you have to have the following two services activated on your Vodafone connection before you can start browsing: Vodafone Live and Vodafone Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect is charged at 199/- per month plus usage charges separately. Looks like its time to shift to Airtel!

      1. Amit,
        I believe Vodafone Live is activated by default but I could be wrong.
        You're correct about Mobile Connect. It's their GPRS service that's
        required to connect to any Internet services like email/browsing/IM
        that are outside Vodafone Live. I think Vodafone has a 1GB of data
        transfer for Rs. 999/month but it's been a while since I checked.

  9. Hi…
    I am based out of delhi,Need your help on the belwo mentioned–

    1) Bought an apple – i-phone from US, the version is not known, I guess its the latest as I am unable to go even to the main menu– query pls advice how to check which version is it ?

    2) Currently I have Vodafone and Airtel numbers with me , but I would prefer unlocking it with Vodafone chip, if you could pls advice me on the process , how to do the unlocking—

    3) After showing at some mobile shops ive been told that this i-phone is number specific and it would only work with the sim it gets unlocked—pls adivce if this is true.

    4) Any risks involved in gettting the same unlocked.

    Your assistance is seeked…

  10. Shrey, There are quite a few locations that will give you tutorials to jailbreak and unlock your 1.1.1 iphone. There are also plenty of FAQs on jailbreaking your 1.1.2 iphone and how you can tell what version of the iPhone you have. Personally, I believe that all iPhones purchased at Apple Stores are not 1.1.2 – even those produced prior to week 45. My cousin in Delhi dropped off his week 41 iPhone to be unlocked and I was amazed to find it running 1.1.2 with bootloader 4.6. Hence, it can’t be unlocked.

    I would suggest you follow some of the tutorials on to find out what version of the iPhone you have (I bet is that it is 1.1.2 with bootloader 4.6). If it turns out to be 1.1.1 then you can easily unlock it following the FAQs. If it’s 1.1.2, you have no choice but to use TurboSIM or similar types of methods to use your iPhone. I would NOT suggest that you send the iPhone to Mumbai or give to another dealer who says he can unlock 1.1.2 iPhones. IF they open up the iPhone and perform a hardware hack, it is very possible that upgrading the iPhone in the future will result in a very shiny paperweight.

    Let us know how things go and if you require additional help, feel free to email me.

  11. This iPhone you got from the US, was it already activated on the AT&T plan? Ot did you pop the Vodafone card straight into the iPhone?

  12. Amit,
    The phone I purchased was a 1.0.2 firmware iPhone. I did NOT activate it with AT&T, instead, I performed a jailbreak and activated it using Independence on a Apple Mac Mini. After the phone was jailbroken, I unlocked the phone using AnySIM. Since then, I have upgraded the phone to firmware 1.1.1 and unlocked it as well. However, the current phones available in the US and Europe are version 1.1.2 phones with the new 4.6 Bootloader. They CAN’T be unlocked using software. The only known unlock of the 1.1.2 phones is a hardware unlock which could turn your phone into a brick if you update the firmware in the future. If you really want an iPhone to use in India, I would suggest buying a phone that has been unlocked using software at version 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 and left at either of those firmware versions.

    Can you tell us what firmware and bootloader versions are on your iPhone? Do you know if the guys at Gafar Market did a hardware or software unlock? Also, let us know exactly where you did the unlock as I’m sure many readers would be interested and I know my cousin would be very interested if it’s a pure software unlock.


  13. When i bought ma iphone the firmware version was 1.1.2 but now after getin it unlocked the firmware version is – 04.02.13_G and software version is- 1.0.2 (1C28) … the guys at gafar put a turbo sim in ma phone and cut a very small part of ma vodafone sim and then they purely did a software unlock… i dont actually kno d procedure but i think it is available on many sites..(search for – unlock iphone with turbo sim)

    Could you pls tell me your VPN settings on your phone cuz ma edge is not working(Vodafone)??

  14. Hi,
    I need unlock new 1.1.2 8 gb i phone bought last week from US. Now I am in Delhi. Can you pls help to unlock it. It is not yet activated, just a pack piece. I tried to downgrade it to 1.1.1 but can not go further . Need help urgently


  15. Madhav,
    When using a TurboSIM there is no need to do a software unlock. The TurboSIM isn’t a real unlock. What it does is trick the iPhone to think that the AT&T SIM is in the phone.

    To test if the phone is truly software unlocked, I would suggest pulling out the TurboSIM and popping in any other SIM to see if the phone still works. I don’t think it will work with any other SIM so I would be very interested in seeing screenshots.

    I find it very hard to believe that there is any kind of software unlock performed on the 1.1.2 iPhone with the 4.6 Bootloader. It’s possible that you have an old boot loader which would allow a software unlock.

    By the way, why is your phone on version 1.0.2? From what I know, the TurboSIM easily works with the 1.1.2 firmware.

    The Vodafone EDGE settings are described above in the post with screenshots.
    Thanks for the info.

    As has been mentioned so many times on this blog as well as others, there is NO software unlock available for the 1.1.2 firmware with boot loader 4.6. You can try getting a TurboSIM.


  16. I am not able to use EDGE on airtel. I have the E icon coming on as well. Despite all this ‚?? when i click on Safari and Utube it says -‚?ĚCould not activate EDGE. You are not subscribed to EDGE‚?Ě.

    I have activated Mobile office on my handset and it is working fine on another handsetbut not able to use Edge on apple i phone . Pls help me out.

    Pls provide your mobile number so that i can explain you better.

    I tried setting
    But still its not working.

  17. hi,
    i bought new unlocked iphone but when i used it in india with vodafone i can only call but cannot recive any call nor sms. but the missed call will appear but i cant see the nos also.
    On the home screen when i press the sms icon it just flashesand returns back to home screen and same thing happens when i tap the recent calls icon.
    when the keypad opens as soon as i tap a single no. it returns to the home screen. i can call anyone on my contact list.
    I am very much confused and worried, pls help me out.

  18. Hi Pankaj

    I have problem while connecting to Edge. Even i enter www then also no E symbol comes as is told on blog. My version 1.1.2 using Turbo sim. Can you please help me in using edge on Vodafone Mumbai???

  19. Pankaj

    Further to add my modem firmware is 04.02.13_g. Can you please post ur mailid so that it would be better to take ur help…

  20. Amit,
    Have you checked to see that your iPhone is set to allow EDGE access while roaming? I believe this is under Settings->General->Network

    It is possible that your settings are correct and your subscribed to Airtel’s EDGE service but the phone is blocking EDGE access because it thinks you are roaming. Please let me know if this works for you.

    Thanks for the update. I’m in the process of upgrading my iPhone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and then it’s on to 1.1.3

    I don’t have any experience with TurboSim but your problem sounds very strange. I would consider upgrading to 1.1.3 by doing a full restore, thus wiping the whole iPhone first. Are you using a TurboSim also or a software unlock for 1.1.2?

    Have you called Vodafone and subscribed to their EDGE service? That would be the first place to start and then if you still can’t get a connection, try changing the settings as I suggested to Amit.


  21. Pankaj

    Vodaphone guys talk about the EDGE datacard (physical card) when i talk about them about the EDGE service. Can you please suggest what should i ask them to activate … I mean GPRS or something else…. Please help…

  22. Kamaldeep,
    Ask them to activate GPRS or EDGE so you can browse directly on your phone. I think there is a way to activate the service via SMS also. Check out their website and see if you can do it online or via SMS. It’s much easier than talking to incompetent customer service people.

    By the way, I found that with firmware 1.1.2, I sometimes have to reboot the phone to get EDGE/GPRS working again.


    This comment written on my iPhone 1.1.2 unlocked and over GPRS

  23. Kamaldeep,
    Glad you got it working. As for your second question, there is a way to do it. Perhaps I will write a post on how to do it with Linux.

  24. Hi Pankaj,
    I am not getting edge option on my Iphone. Instead i have VPN settings.When i click Network i get the option of VPN, Wi-Fi and Data roaming. There is no option as edge. Please advise on the settings for using gprs or vodofone access.


  25. hi kamaldeep,

    can you tell me how you have activated the GPRS on vodafone-india ?
    ive tried setting the apn to portalnmms and www but both dont seem to work.
    Do we have to reboot after setting the apn?

  26. also, ive activated my gprs already and its working on other phones.
    Are you using the EDGE/ Vodafone mobile connect service or just GPRS?

  27. > i bought new unlocked iphone but when i used it in india with vodafone i can only call but cannot recive any call nor sms. but the missed call will appear but i cant see the nos also.

    This is a known bug with the software unlock for 1.1.2/1.1.3

    The fix is to install “iworld” using the “installer” on your iphone.

    Also, there is now a software unlock available for ALL versions of iphone (upto 1.1.3 and BL 4.6) – go to, download the ziphone-2.4 package, connect your iphone and you will be unlocked in minutes! Good luck…no need to pay anything (unless you want to donate directly to the developer at his site via paypal).

  28. Arjun,
    I think the iPhone firmware from 1.0.2 to 1.1.3 all have the EDGE option under Settings->General->Network. Have scrolled all the way to the bottom? If you have and you don’t see the EDGE settings, I would completely restore the phone to the firmware currently loaded (you might have to jailbreak and unlock the phone all over again so beware).

    The settings for GPRS/EDGE are www, not portalnmms. I think you must get mobile connect but please read the post and previous comments for more info and let us know what you did to get it working.


  29. amar

    ask vodafone guys to activate Vodafone mobile connect service. put www on the APN. Reboot the phone. this will solve the problem…

  30. Recently purchased unlocked Apple iPhone 16GB v1.1.3 and currently using my Airtel connection.
    It the coolest PDA evn better than Windows Mobile or any other PDA.
    Everythin is working fine including EDGE,SMS, Bluetooth, Contacts, CLIP.

  31. Dear Pankaj,

    Am using I Phone 8 GB Version n facing a strange problem…when ever i touch the SMS Icon on the screen, it just flashes n returns back to the home screen….am not able to use any of SMS facilities…PLEASE do help me here mate….

  32. Hi,
    I am using unlcked iphone v1.1.3 and i tried all the settings to activate EDGE / GPRS / Internet on my airtel connection but i am not able to connect even it show “E”.
    Please provide the settings for airtel delhi.

  33. Dear Naman/Pankaj,

    I am looking for a 16GB iphone. If I buy in US, can I use it in India. How to do the unlocking of the iphone.

    Is the phone available in India(grey market)?

    Please help.

  34. hi all,

    I am using a 8GB iPhone (firmware version 1.1.3) with my Vodafone connection in Bangalore. I have subscribed to Vodafone Mobile Connect, put in ‘www’ in the settings under APN, rebooted the phone as suggested. I am unable to surf the web thru Safari. It says “safari could not connect to the server”. However, I am able to download, view & reply to mails on my Google accont, which I hav enabled as pop3 in the mail settings. Surprisingly, the moment I open safari, installer or Youtube, I am unable to connect to the internet.

    Would really be very helpful if someone could help me to connect to EDGR and surf the net on my iPhone. I hav already confirmed dat Vodafone Mobile Connect is active by inserting da SIM in another handset. In adiition, I hav also retyped ‘www’in settings under APN and rebooted the phone. None of this seem to help me getting connected to the net, though it does display the ‘E’ icon on the phone. Plz help.

    Thanks for ur help in advance.

  35. Arjun,
    The EDGE settings are at the bottom of Settings->General->Network
    What firmware version are you running?

  36. Suraj,
    What version of the firmware are you using?
    The sms crashing problem that you’re talking about can easily be fixed.

    “1.1.2 has a bug that causes phone/SMS to crash when used in foreign countries. To fix this, you must Install and run iWorld found in the Tweaks (1.1.2) in Installer. Run the application and select your country. When phone has rebooted you can uninstall iWorld.”

    You will need to add the source to your

  37. Amit,
    I’m not an Airel user but perhaps Naman, can give you the appropriate Airtel settings for GPRS/EDGE.

    There are plenty of iPhones available in India, though, you will pay considerably more than if you get it from the US. Unlocking 1.1.4 iPhones is pretty easy and the best way to do it would probably be to use Ziphone which is available for Mac and Windows. Just do a search for Ziphone to be able to download it.

    This is an interesting problem. When you put your SIM into another phone, were you able to surf the web using that phone’s browser?

    The settings above are 100% correct for Vodafone in Delhi. It is possible, though, unlikely that the settings are different in Bangalore. I would suspect that Vodafone has enabled you for mobile email but not for web surfing as that’s the problem that others encountered (you can see their messages in the comments above).

    I would suggest checking if you can surf the web from another phone using your SIM. If you can’t, then call Vodafone and ask them for the unlimited web surfing plan (I forget what it’s called). If the browsing works on another phone but not your iPhone, I would suggest restoring your iPhone and setting it up again. This might of course require you to unlock it again.

    Good luck and please let us know what happens.

  38. I am not able to use EDGE on airtel. I have the E icon coming on as well. Despite all this ‚?? when i click on Safari and Utube it says -‚?ĚCould not activate EDGE. You are not subscribed to EDGE‚?Ě. I am using version 1.1.1

    I have activated Mobile office on my handset and it is working fine on another handsetbut not able to use Edge on apple i phone . Pls help me out.

    Pls provide anyone‚??s mobile number on my e-mail id so that i can explain you better.

    I tried setting
    But still its not working.

  39. Hi Pankaj,

    Thanks for your suggestions, but its still not working. I was traveling and hence the late reply. Sorry for that…

    Here’s what I did… I tried surfing the web from another phone using my SIM and its working fine, thus confirming that they have activated EDGE (Vodafone Mobile Connect) on my connection. Then I called up the customer care and they told me the settings are the same for Vodafone in India (www under APN, and all other fields to be left blank).

    I figured that they have also activated ‘Vodafone Mail’ on my number and that’s th reason I am able to download mail using the ‘Mail’ tab. However, I am still unable to surf the net – use safari, You tube, weather, stocks etc. I do not know what to do now..

    As a last measure I restored my phone and upgraded it to firmware 1.1.4 and unlocked it… Even then I am unable to connect to EDGE using my iPhone. I am able to connect using WiFi at home though…

    Any other suggestions? Would be great if you or anyone else could help me resolve this mystery. I am really tired of not being able to surf the web using EDGE on my iPhone.


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