Run Plex on AppleTV 2G

Apple recently released the Apple TV 2G and some pretty smart folks have hacked it open to support running Plex. I’m not advocating hacking your AppleTV but it is an interesting approach. Also, running Plex on your ATV is still pretty buggy from what some sites are reporting so think about it before proceeding.

You will need the following before you’ll be able to get ATV jailbroken. Please bear in mind that jailbreaking will void your Apple Warranty so proceed with caution.

All of the instructions to hack your AppleTV are online, mostly at but I thought a consolidated page could be beneficial and save people time so here it is.

  • Micro-USB to USB
  • AppleTV 2G
  • Mac running Snow Leopard and iTunes 10.1
  • A Mac to run the Plex Media Server
  1. Step 1: Jailbreak Your AppleTV 2G

    To Jailbreak your AppleTV 2G and create your own custom firmware, you will need to download the following:

    1. Pwnage or see a complete list here
    2. AppleTV firmware

    If you’d rather not waste the time doing this yourself, iphoneblogr provides pre-jailbroken firmware for you. So download the appropriate one and follow his instructions to put the ATV into DFU mode using Pwnage and upload the firmware using iTunes.

    Now watch the video and jailbreak your ATV2G.

  2. Step 2:

    Install Plex on Your Mac

    Download Plex for the Mac and install it like any normal Mac App. Be sure to install this on the Mac that you want acting as your media server (always on).

  3. Step 3:

    Install Plex on the Your AppleTV

    Before doing this, you should download iphoneblogr’s command file so you can copy and paste the commands in your terminal.

    Now watch the video and follow along.

    In the course of installing Plex on the ATV, you may come across a few errors and here is iphoneblogr’s fix for the errors your get.

iphoneblogr has some other very ineresting tutorials if you’re interested in hacking away at your Apple hardware.

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