Building a Web Business in One Day

This is absolutely great. I salute this man’s ingenuity and determination. Read more aobut how he started a web business in six to eight hours of work. Sure beats six to eight months of stealth mode development. Here’s a snippet from the site.

You might think there’s not much you can build in a day. A small adsense site or something, but not something more complex.You can build a lot more than you might think.With approximately 6-8 hours work yesterday I built a fully-functional online store and blog which has already taken in a small handful of orders. Total costs came to about $38, which I’ve already made back smile.gifRead the full skinny on my blog, or view the site (“England’s World Cup Glory”) here.Making money gets easier if you K.I.S.S!

What Can You Build in a Day? – Yaro’s Forums

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