Domain Name Trivia

Via Emergic: July 19, 2006 Archives, the Wall Street Journal reports analysis done by Dennis Forbes around Internet domain names.

All of the 1,000 most common English words have been snatched up. The word “a” appears more than any other, though most of the time, of course, it’s just a letter in a longer word. The least-used common word is “consonant,” Mr. Forbes says, which is in just 42 domains, including “,” which isn’t a misspelling but a word game.

Half of all domains are between nine and 15 characters long; the average length is 13. A domain can have, at most, 63 characters, and there are 550 such domains. In fact, some people have made a haiku-like art out of 63-character domain names.

Read the full article onThe Wall Street Journal Online.

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