Blaming Craigslist?

There’s been quite a bit of discussion in the Blogosphere about how a 20yr. old former football player allegedly used Craigslist to get people to buy and sell electronics with him in person. When they showed up, he allegedly stunned them with a taser and robbed them.

Many people have been down on Craigslist only because it happened to be the medium that this football player usd to lure his victims. The footballer, Ellis T. Jones III, could very easily have put classified ads in a local newspaper or distributed flyers in local stores.

There’s a bit of common sense that we all must use when we’re buying or selling anything, online or offline. Below are a few guidlines whenever engaging in offline P2P transactions:

  1. Don’t go to a dark alley or deserted area to do the trade
  2. Do the transaction in a known public place
  3. Try to do transactions with known and reputable sources

More details at:
Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Craigslist + footballer with a taser = PR disaster

Don’t blame Craigslist! Use some common sense.

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