Diigo and Internet Research

I’ve been using Diigo and the Diigo toolbar for a week or so now and so far, I really like it. I first heard about Diigo over at TechCrunch.

Diigo is at a very basic level, another bookmarking site. However, Diigo offers a way to easily annotate comments or notes to a bookmark and share it with others not only from the Diigo site but also via email.

The Diigo toolbar even integrates with other social bookmarking sites like and Shadows to allow a synchronized posting of bookmarks across all these services by tagging it and annotating it just once, in Diigo.

Diigo allowed me to easily import all my bookmarks and start seeing public annotations that others have made regarding my bookmarks. My biggest gripe about Diigo so far is that it isn’t easy to delete a tag. I have a bunch of specific tags “for:<username>” that I want to remove without removing the bookmark itself. Following Diigo’s directions allows me to rename these tags but not easily delete them.

Other than this one issue, Diigo works really well for sharing research, bookmarks, and even blogging about other sites. Check it out!

Edit & Delete Tags

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Thanks for your active support of Diigo. Improvement on tag editing is forthcoming. Meanwhile, we just improve our “Add to Diigo” button- thought you might be interested in adding to your list of buttons.



Thanks for the comment. I’ve added the the Diigo button on the sidebar. I’m looking forward to seeing updates to Diigo.

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