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Miglia TVMini HD is great!

I’ve been using the TVMini HD on my MacBook for a few weeks and I love it. Even with the included antenna, I’ve been able to easily pick up broadbast HD signals without a problem. At $249 from the Apple Store, it’s a good buy. If you can plug it into a desktop with enough hard drive space, you can record plenty of shows and give your Tivo a rest.

TVMini HD – Key Features

HDTV for your MacHave you ever dreamt of watching TV with a sharp clear picture quality? Do you want to decide what you watch and when you watch it? If the answer is yes then TVMini HD is the only solution for you.

TVMini HD puts you back in the driving seat: you can watch, pause, rewind, skip forward and even record live TV. TVMini HD uses state of the art technology allowing you to enjoy the outstanding quality of HDTV on your Mac.

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