The Knowledge Society

Here’s a great article by Venkatesh Hariharan. He examines India’s tradition of knowledge sharing and how the subversion of this knowledge sharing has left repurcussions still being felt today. This is a must read article for anyone, especially those you believe that intellectual property must be protected and hoarded or it will be detrimental to the IP creator’s existence. As Mr. Hariharan noted, “Though no one has a proprietary lock on yoga, it is still a thriving $30 billion business in the United States.” | A society that shares: India’s tradition of knowledge

Intellectual property. It’s one of the defining terms of the 21st century. The recent knowledge symposium, "Owning the future: Ideas and their role in the digital age" deconstructed the term "intellectual property" and examined the assumptions beneath it. Since the event was being held in India, it seemed appropriate to examine intellectual property in the context of Indian traditions of knowledge.

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