Personal Finance for Barcampers at BarCamp Delhi

Sunday, October 25th was another installment of BarCamp Delhi. The turnout was intimate and the location, IMI (International Management Institute) was a much better place than the last two BarCamps at IIT Delhi and MDI – Gurgaon. It was also refreshing to see quite a few new faces this time around.

The bulk of the attendees were students with a few entrepreneurs showing off their products and services as well as others sharing information about things ranging from web standards to how to startup. I decided to do a presentation on personal finance and getting people to think about investing. Out of roughly 25 people in the audience, 4 or 5 people said they actually track their monthly finances. 6 people said they actually invest. The bulk of people there weren’t managing their money and also, were not investing in anything beyond a bank account.

Below is the presentation I gave, urging people to get a handle on their income and expenses, track them, and start developing a plan for saving some percentage of their monthly income and then investing it. I gave a quick example of investing in stocks vs. mutual funds and the difference in returns based on an assumption of an 8% annualized return over 10, 20, and 30 years. I’m not advocating one investment over an other, I’m instead telling do-it-yourselfers how they can compare stocks vs. mutual funds and how those that prefer to run on auto-pilot could expect their returns to look like.

All values and fees are in Indian Rupees and fees are calculated based on prevailing rates in India.

You can view or download the presentation directly on slideshare as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.