• InvestStream – Our New Podcast

    A few weeks ago, my friend Harjit, and I decided to start recording our conversations about the economy, startups, and tech in the US and India and sharing it with people that may be interested. We are calling this podcast InvestStream. We’ve done two episodes so far and plan to do it weekly. We’ve discussed everything from market stats to central bank monetary policy to fund raises by startups to where the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds may be headed. We would love some honest, critical feedback on this experiment and what we can do to improve it. We are still playing with the format and we could really use your…

  • InvestStream US-India Episode 1

    In this first episode of InvestStream, Harjit Singh and I discuss the unemployment report and wage growth in the US, interest rate and bond yields, US economic strength, US-China trade war, Uber’s IPO plans and the valuation, startup funding in 2018 in India, SoftBank and their investments in India, and much much more. Related Posts:Venture Fund Economics4 Tips for raising money for your crypto/blockchain or tech startupInvestStream – Our New Podcast“Show Me The Money”: India’s Big Promise to VCsTwelve Years of Indian Startups – Part II

  • The Financial Ninja and “Greenspan Sees market Rebound”

    Here's a great post over at the Financial Ninja's Blog about how Greenspan sees the market rebounding in six to twelve months. I couldn't agree with the Financial Ninja more when he says, "I too believe we'll bounce significantly... but only to dive into abyss after."

  • Don’t Believe the Market Hype!

    Intro As all of you who've been keeping up-to-date on the happenings in the financial markets know, there's been a good deal of turmoil and volatility continuing. GM and Chrysler, in the US, are begging for bailouts, small, medium, large and extra large companies are laying off people in droves (Citigroup will be laying off 53,000 people). Things are pretty bad in the US right now. We all know that, we all hear about it, and the US stock market shows us daily. What about India? Well, if you ask the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, various financial "analysts" on TV, etc. they will tell you that India is very…

  • The Financial Crisis and India

    BarCamp Delhi has been going on this weekend. I don't think anyone took any video of the presentation but I turned into a bit of a pig and took up three speaking slots. Sorry to Netra, Sukhdeep and every one else for taking up their slots! The presentation is available as a download below as well as on Slideshare. The Financial Crisis and IndiaView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: finance financial) So far, there are posts on BarCampDelhi5 coverage on Webyantra and the BarCampDelhi Blog.