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Honda launches IndiaĆ¢??s first hybrid car- Hindustan Times

It amazes me how absolutely clueless and slow the Indian Government is at implementing any sort of policies that are for the betterment f the country. Here’s Honda introducing the Civic Hybrid in India and here the Indian Government continues to tax imported hybrids at 104%. In a country which is reeling from high oil prices and the rapidly escalating cost of energy, shouldn’t the Indian government adopt some policies, subsidies, and/or import tax elimination that 1) encourage the use of less gasoline/petrol, 2) be a little better for the environment, and 3) encourage other car makers to introduce their own hybrids?

The Civic Hybrid is almost double the cost of the base Civic model in India. The Honda Civic Hybrid will cost roughly $50,000 in India (in the US, the suggested starting price of the Civic Hybrid is $22,600).

I don’t know about most people, but I can’t imagine paying FIFTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS for a Civic.

Wake up folks! If I can get a Honda Civic Hybrid that uses less petrol and provides better mileage than a Maruti Suzuki SX4 (top end model in India costs roughly $22,000) for the same price, why would I opt for something else?

First the good news for those caring for environment: Japanese auto giant Honda Motors Co. on Wednesday introduced India to the first hybrid vehicle– the Civic Hybrid that runs on a petrol engine assisted by an electric motor.

Honda launches IndiaĆ¢??s first hybrid car- Hindustan Times

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