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  • At&t Starts Selling iPhone 4 to Walk-ins

    AT&T has started selling the iPhone 4 to walk-on customers today and lines have formed again. No idea yet on what kind of volumes the stores are doing but it doesn’t look light in Queens, N.Y. Update 9:45am: Many AT&T stores have sold their inventory within an hour of opening and are taking in-store fulfillment…

  • iPhone 4 Launch New York City

    Here are some scenes from the iPhone 4 launch at Apple’s Flagship store in New York CIty on Fifth Avenue. There were thousands of people online, many spending between 15 and 60 hours online. Luckily, it was a very hot and humid week so people were just sweating and stinky, but not freezing 🙂

  • The iPhone 3G[S] GPRS on Airtel India

    I picked up my factory unlocked iPhone 3G[S] on a trip to Malaysia in September. To my pleasant surprise, Internet tethering, and MMS were already active and working quite well in Malaysia. Upon arriving in India and popping my Airtel SIM into the phone, the phone worked fine but no data was working. Since the…

  • Will India Leapfrog the Apple iPhone 3G[S]?

    I am writing (most of) this post on my iPhone 3G[S] using Airtel in New Delhi. The 3G[S] is not available in India yet and there is no information publicly available about a pending release or pricing. I suspect, that Apple is terribly disappointed with iPhone 3G sales through its Indian partners, Airtel and Vodafone.…

  • iPhone 2.0 Apps on Airtel India

    Here are some screenshots of apps I have downloaded from the Apple App store. All the apps are running on a 1st generation 8gb iPhone that was recently upgraded to the 2.0 firmware. My carrier is Airtel in New Delhi and this post is being made with the WordPress app for the iPhone.