• InvestStream – Our New Podcast

    A few weeks ago, my friend Harjit, and I decided to start recording our conversations about the economy, startups, and tech in the US and India and sharing it with people that may be interested. We are calling this podcast InvestStream. We’ve done two episodes so far and plan to do it weekly. We’ve discussed everything from market stats to central bank monetary policy to fund raises by startups to where the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds may be headed. We would love some honest, critical feedback on this experiment and what we can do to improve it. We are still playing with the format and we could really use your…

  • Don’t Believe the [Technical Analysis] Hype!

    tl;dr: Read a lot and educate yourself and don’t think technical analysis alone will make you rich. Related Posts:Bitcoin and Crypto Resources For BeginnersLow Volatility, Low Yield in Stocks Fuel Bitcoin and AltcoinsFunding news for Instamojo and Whiz.ai, OYO Rooms & Big Brother, Ethereum and GrinInvestStream – Our New PodcastMarket Turmoil and Basic Economics

  • Low Volatility, Low Yield in Stocks Fuel Bitcoin and Altcoins

    There’s been no shortage of news about the surge in Bitcoin and some of the altcoins (alternative crypto currencies) in 2017. Japan allowing Bitcoins for transactions was a big factor in fueling the demand for Bitcoin as well as increasing odds that other countries, most notably South Korea, may follow suit. However, there’s an additional factor that is driving up the demand and speculation in Bitcoin and other altcoins. A low volatility and low yield stock market is forcing many people to look elsewhere for volatility and higher yields. More funds are looking at cryptocurrencies as a place to take on more risk for the higher yield. More traders are…

  • The Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) by Eric Rosenfeld

    Eric Rosenfeld, one of the founders of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM), gave this presentation at MIT back in February. If you have even a remote interest in finance (and even if you don’t), this is an hour and a half very well spent. Eric is brilliant and fun to listen to. Update: Sorry about that, the video embed code somehow got lost during an upgrade. It should be visible now and the original is here. Related Posts:Twelve Years of Indian Startups – Part I

  • The Financial Ninja and “Greenspan Sees market Rebound”

    Here's a great post over at the Financial Ninja's Blog about how Greenspan sees the market rebounding in six to twelve months. I couldn't agree with the Financial Ninja more when he says, "I too believe we'll bounce significantly... but only to dive into abyss after."