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At&t Starts Selling iPhone 4 to Walk-ins

AT&T has started selling the iPhone 4 to walk-on customers today and lines have formed again. No idea yet on what kind of volumes the stores are doing but it doesn’t look light in Queens, N.Y.

Update 9:45am: Many AT&T stores have sold their inventory within an hour of opening and are taking in-store fulfillment orders or handing out tickets based on their estimated next shipment. Good luck if you’re trying AT&T.

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The iPhone 3G[S] GPRS on Airtel India

I picked up my factory unlocked iPhone 3G[S] on a trip to Malaysia in September. To my pleasant surprise, Internet tethering, and MMS were already active and working quite well in Malaysia.

Upon arriving in India and popping my Airtel SIM into the phone, the phone worked fine but no data was working. Since the 3G[S] isn’t officially supported on Airtel or any Indian carrier, I could not set the EDGE network settings. Apple removed the ability to change network settings in a previous firmware upgrade. If you jailbreak your phone, I believe there is a way to re-enable the EDGE settings easily. However, if you’re not jailbreaking your iPhone, it’s a little more complicated. I tried to download and install a profile for Airtel that’s usually used for enabling tethering and MMS but that didn’t work.

I then deleted the profile from the phone and rebooted it. Upon reboot, it was working perfectly. I also had to make sure that 3G was turned off. I can’t be sure what finally made it work but I have a feeling it was turning 3G off in the Network settings. Try that first and if you still have trouble, then try using the profile.

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TechCrunchIT » Blog Archive » The New Apple Walled Garden

A great post from

TechCrunchIT » Blog Archive » The New Apple Walled Garden

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Apple Online Store – India

The Apple Store India was relaunched some time back but fairly recently, possibly even today, Apple has dropped the prices on almost all products in India. The top of the line iMac offered by Apple in India (not the new 3.06 GHz one but the older 2.8GHz 24″) has been reduced from Rs. 96,600 to Rs. 83,500 and the MacBook Air (1.6GHz with PATA drive) has gone from Rs. 96,600 to Rs. 87,900. Those are some pretty substantial drops. Now if only Apple could release their most current products in India like the rest of the world.

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Apple iPhone in India By Vodafone

According to Ars Technica, Vodafone will be launching the iPhone in India beating out Airtel. It’s not a surprise considering Vodafone already has deals with Apple in Europe. What remains to be seen is when will the iPhone be released, how much the iPhone will cost and whether it will be the rumored 3G iPhone.

There was a huge backlash against Mercedes Benz in the late 90’s for introducing old model E class cars in India as compared to the rest of the world. It took Mercedes some time but they realized that Indians want the latest of whatever the rest of the world is getting. That was a dozen years ago. With the amount of wealth recently created in India, a 3G Apple iPhone introduction in India will go a long way to placate people’s egos, knowing they have the latest and greatest.