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Meeting Indian Startups Applying to 500 Startups Accelerator Batch 6

#500StrongGood morning Founders!

You might have heard that 500 Startups recently announced a public application process. This is the first time we’re accepting applications for all companies that want to join our accelerator. In the last batch of the 500 Startups Accelerator, we had four great companies from India. The highest number from any country outside of the US. I’m hoping India can be represented just as well in the upcoming batch which starts in April 2013.

If you’re doing something exciting in education, jobs/employment, travel and you’re looking at markets in India or globally then you may want to put in your application soon. We will consider all applications, however, companies with traction, strong teams, past successes, and even a few referrals from 500 mentors and/or other 500 founders will go a long way.


You can download the iCal file here.
  • Education Put in your application by 13th of February 2013
  • Jobs/employment by 14th of February 2013
  • Travel by 15th of February 2013
  • Others by 16th February 2013

By the 20th of February, I will start emailing interesting startups with dates and times to meet Dave and I in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi/NCR. If you have been thinking about how you can be a part of the 500 Startups family, this is your chance.

Apple OS X

Picasa on the Mac … Kinda.

Google recently release a Picasa uploader for the Mac thanks to Ted Bonkenburg. Ted worked on this during his twenty-percent time at Google. Hopefully, this means Picasa for Mac will be out soon too. At least there’s a Linux version which is pretty cool. So far, I’m a bit partial to Flickr

It’s all about the photos…on a Mac8/02/2006 11:57:00 AMPosted by Ted Bonkenburg, Software Engineer, InfrastructureI’m happy to tell you about the release of Picasa Web Albums Uploaders (beta, of course) for Mac OS X. Picasa Web Albums makes it simple to share photos with friends and family, and now we’ve made it even easier on the Mac. This new download comes with two handy tools for uploading photos: There’s a plug-in for uploading your pics within iPhoto.

Official Google Blog: It’s all about the photos…on a Mac

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BlogBridge 3.0 Released

BlogBridge 3.0 came out a few days ago. As some of you know, I’ve been using previous versions for quite a while. What I like most about BlogBridge is that the software is croos platform ( I run it on my Ubuntu PCs, Fedora PCs, Mac Mini PowerPC, and MacBook ). The second best thign is that all my subscriptions are synchronized through the BlogBridge service. I can run BlogBridge anywhere and always pick up my most current configuration. the third best thing, and the reason I prefer BlogBridge over Web based RSS aggregators is that I can access BlogBridge (without synchronization), and read previously downloaded posts even when I am offline. I just wish they would improve the performance of the UI a bit but that’s the price to pay for using Java ( a small price – the software and the service is free ).
Try it out … BlogBridge: Downloading and Running BlogBridge

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