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iPhone 2.0 WordPress and the Indian Government

This is my first post using the new WordPress App from the iTunes App Store. Pretty good so far and really easy to use.

So far the Indian government looks like it will stay in power. What does that mean for the Indo-US nuclear pact? It looks good. What does it mean for the Indian economy? More of the same once the initial euphoria of the government not falling wears off.


Ping This!

Google quietly released their blog pinging service on the same day they released their Code Search service.  It’s a bit late but, hopefully, it will help improve their blog search results.  They have said that they will continue to monitor other pinging services as well.

Here’s some information to get you started.  Google Blog Search Help

Read more on the official Google Blog:

Official Google Blog: Got blog? Will ping.


Gov’t of India bans Blogspot and others

In response to the train bombings in Mumbai, India on 7/11/06, the Government of India has banned blogs hosted on Blogspot, Xenga, WordPress and other hosted services. The reason for the ban is that government believes that blogs were used by terrorists to communicate with each other. Below, Gaurav provides a contrarian view to the ban.

I SUPPORT the ban on blogspot etcThe Indian blogosphere is getting all worked up because blogpsot has been blocked off in India. (not giving any links – its flying all over the place anyway) Yes, it is a move that doesn’t make much sense. Yes it is a form of censorship. Yes, the government is moronic enough to not realize that you cant really censor the internet.But for heaven’s sake, just stop for a moment and try to understand what the government was intending to do. Government was not attempting to curtail anybodyĆ¢??s freedom of speech.

Continue reading more here: I SUPPORT the ban on blogspot etc

My comments on Gaurav’s posting

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Tips are for waiters

A great friend of mine just started his own blog yesterday. He’s a oney manager who’s seen a lot of ups and downs. He’s sharing his experiences and expertise with all of us. Here’s a snippet from his second blog posting.

Earnings season, which started last week, goes into full swing tomorrow. This reporting period should be a very interesting one in particular with all the cross currents swirling around us. It seems to me that most people are expecting second quarter earnings to come in just fine. It’s the guidance going forward that has the folks on wall street aflutter these past ten weeks. They seem to be pricing in the “foreseeable” negatives into today’s pricing. Whether these prices are a fire sale or not remains to be determined.

Reade more about the market at Tips are for waiters

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