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  • How are Pre-Seed and Seed Changing in 2020?

    How are Pre-Seed and Seed Changing in 2020?

    A lot is changing in the startup world. Even before getting hit with COVID-19, the definitions of pre-seed, seed, post-seed/pre-series A were changing at a fast clip. Many early-stage VCs were moving downstream, writing larger checks and investing in later rounds. At the same time, larger, late-stage VCs were either ramping up their scout programs…

  • Fighting Fraud Thru a Cashless Society

    Emerging markets often leapfrog technologies. For much of Independent India, it was very difficult to get a fixed-line phone. They were expensive and the wait  could be as long as five years. In the 1990’s came the mobile revolution and people across India were able to get a communication device for a relatively small amount of…

  • A Quick Introduction to FinTech in India