• What is “Carry” or “Carried Interest”?

    Venture Capital can be complex and in this episode of InvestStream, I explain “carried interest” or “carry” as it’s more commonly known and why it’s important for VCs. Carry is discussed often amongst Venture Capitalists and other Private Equity investors but rarely amongst founders of startups. Politicians have talked about how carried interest should be taxed. Why do Venture Capitalists and other fund managers care about carry and what does it really mean? There are always variations but this video is meant as a simple illustration so that people thinking of VC as a career have some understanding of how important carry is to their overall compensation and also for…

  • Proto.in July 2008 Reflections

    Proto.in is an event very similar to DEMO held in the US. The basic premise is to help startups gain visibility by being able to showcase their prototypes or products in front of other startups and potential investors. Proto.in has been held in Chennai since its inception in January 2007, however, this summer, they decided to hold the two day event at IIT's campus in New Delhi. It was my first time attending Proto.in and the first thing I have to say is that the event was well organized. The first few speakers on Friday were pretty good. Unfortunately, though, as time went on, it was evident that many of…

  • Official Google Blog: At long last, real-time stock quotes are here

    Google announced today that they would finally be providing real-time NASDAQ quotes for free on Google Finance.  This is great news, and, hopefully, the opening volley in the battle for democratized market data from exchanges around the world. Official Google Blog: At long last, real-time stock quotes are here Tags: google, googlefinance, nasdaq, market-data, investing, securitiespricing, stocks, equities Related Posts:What is “Carry” or “Carried Interest”?Don’t Believe the Market Hype!Proto.in July 2008 ReflectionsSocial Mobile Mapping (Mapiki)Apple’s Earnings

  • Come Back in 20 Minutes for the Price Right Now

    I never thought I would be posting something about the pricing of financial instruments but it’s something I know a little bit about. I spent around 8 years managing market data systems in the financial industry. For about 6 years I was responsible for “negotiating” with the various exchanges around the world, including the NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, and CBOT (it was more like being on the receiving end of a DWI pullover). Google recently announced that they would be