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  • iPhone Unlocking Released

    iPhone Software Unlocking of firmware 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 is possible for upgraded phones and out of the box phones. I will post more details as they become clear.

  • Vodafone India MMS Settings for iPhone

    It took some time to get the correct MMS settings for the iPhone but below is a screenshot of the exact settings to be used with Vodafone in Delhi when using SwirlyMMS for the iPhone. The same settings should work with Vodafone users in the rest of India and I would love to hear from…

  • Apple iPhone on Vodafone India

    I’m back in New Delhi and brought my iPhone along for the ride. I popped in a Hutch (Vodafone) SIM card into the iPhone. Everything appeared to be working fine, except EDGE/GPRS. I looked around and couldn’t find any sites with Vodafone India settings for the iPhone. I did, however, find this page on the…