Job Board, Schmob Board.

It’s almost anti-climactic to hear of another job board or social networking site. So what? There’s nothing exciting or interesting about another job board launching.

I do, however, think that many (but not all) of these job boards will add significant value to the people looking to hire specific niche talent as well as those looking for jobs in a very specific industry.

The TechCrunch network’s CrunchBoard (CrunchBoard, yet another job board) is by its very nature going to be useful and successful. Anyone who is remotely interested in Web 2.0 and Internet entrepreneurship has heard of TechCrunch and Mike Arrington. Now with TechCrunch launching additional international sites like TechCrunch UK, I’m sure that there will be more and more international users of CrunchBoard.

BuildV1 is another site that I recently heard about. It’s supposed to be a social networking and job board site for entrepreneurs. Great idea (I wish I had thought about it and used it to launch a similar site based on The Manusya Project)! However, as it looks like a very early release of the site, there’s not much of a social networkign aspect to it. At least, not one that I could see. I’m all for more niche job boards cropping up and providing great hires and great jobs for specific verticals.

Update 08/26/2006: Om Malik from GigaOM has joined the job board craze with GigaOM Jobs. I haven’t looked at it yet but GigaOM is charging the same as TechCrunch.

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