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Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Java Programmers Wanted

I am looking for Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Java Programmers looking to join a brand new startup, right at the ground level, here in New Delhi. Of course, all work will be done on either Linux or OS X, so some experience with *nix is important. If you fit the ticket or know of anyone who does, please drop me a comment or an email. I’d love to hear from all of you.


WordPress and Drupal Developers Wanted!!

I am looking for an experienced developer and designer with experience developing WordPress themes and Drupal templates. Experience creating custom icons and logos is also needed. Location isn’t important but a portfolio of sites done using both platforms is necessary.

Please leave a comment or send an email to jobs at linosx dot com with your qualifications.

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Another Cog in the Wheel

Here’s a great post on Amit Ranjan’s personal blog about how large technology and outsourcing companies in India are turning the cream of the crop engineers into just more cogs in their wheels.
I worked at a very large Wall Street firm for a few years and then I’ve worked at small companies (small in terms of the number of people). The best part of working at a small company, by far, is seeing the results of your labor on a daily basis and how it directly affects the business. Good luck seeing how busting your hump on a daily basis benefits Infosys.

There are, however, significant drawbacks to working for a small company.

  1. The likelihood that your family and friends will know the name of the company that you are working for is close to zero.
  2. The pay is usually lower at small, unknown companies.
  3. The benefits are usually not as good as they are at large companies.
  4. The dangerous of a small company going out of business is generally higher than a large company going out of business.

The benefits of working for a small company are:

  1. You’re a name, not an employee number.
  2. The excitement of helping to build a business is enormous.
  3. Seeing how your work affects the growth of that business is an even bigger high.
  4. Working at a small firm helps you develop a sense of camaraderie that goes deeper than the relationships you can develop at a large firm.
  5. You could be learning and contributing much more in a small company than a larger one if you prove that you’re a doer not a talker.
  6. There’s more work and less politics at a smaller firm.

For more, in depth, details, jump over to Amit’s blog below.

Ques- What warning sign is written on the boundary walls of the TCS office in Madras?

Ans Р̢??Beware Trespassers- If you are not careful, you will be recruited̢??

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