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Car, Computers, Gadgets, Phones and Appliances for Sale in Delhi

UPDATE: All Items are sold and no longer available. Thanks for your interest.

We are moving so we’re selling the following items before we leave Delhi. All of the items will be available at the end of March or by April 5th at the latest, though a few items could be made available sooner if there’s enough interest. Most items have been priced at less than half price of what we bought them for.

Please email me at 4sale (a t) linosx (d o t) com in the next few days if you are interested in any of the items listed below. If you know of anyone that may be interested in some of the items below, please feel free to forward this post to them as well. In the email, please include what item(s) you’re interested in, what date you would like them by and possible bid you’d like to make.

Serious buyers only, please.
Update: Prices on some items have been reduced.
Thanks very much!


SX4 2008 top of the line ZXi model.
Approx 30,000 kms driven
Fitted with Maruti seat covers and gear lock, regularly serviced
Insurance paid thru end of January 2011
Please post a message if you’re interested.


  • 24
    Like New 24″ iMac with

    2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 2.4GHz
    320GB Hard Drive
    Built-in speakers,
    iSight Camera
    Dual Layer DVD Burner
    RAM upgraded to 4GB.
    Warranty till end of February 2011
    1kV APC Back-UPS RS-1000 Commercial grade surge suppressor and UPS for use with iMac.
    Factory installed Mac OS X Operating System and Software
    iMac + APC UPS – Rs. 75,000

    Update: I’m accepting the best offer over Rs. 65,000 or if you prefer to pay in US Dollars, $1,200 for both the UPS and 24″ iMac

  • HP dx2280 for Sale in New Delhi
    Like New HP Desktop Model DX2280 and 19″ Flat Screen Monitors (2 1 available)

    Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.20Ghz
    2MB L2 Cache
    1 GB RAM
    Intel 945G Graphics
    Gigabit LAN Card
    160GB Hard Drive
    Sound card for sound output and sound input
    Warranty expires in January 2011
    HP w19 19inch Flatscreen LCD Monitor with DVI and VGA Connectors
    No keyboard or mouse included

    There is no CD or DVD drive so these are perfect for office computers. They come installed with Linux Fedora 12 and MS Office compatible version of OpenOffice

    Rs.20,000 Update: Accepting the best offer over Rs. 15,000 or USD 300 total for each system and 19″ monitor.

  • White Apple Macbook for Sale in New Delhi Rs. 20,000
    White Apple Macbook for Sale in New Delhi Rs. 20,000
    MacBook for Sale in New Delhi
    MacBook for Sale in New Delhi

    White Macbook

    2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
    60GB Hard Drive
    RAM upgraded to max of 2GB
    Built-in speakers and Mic
    iSight Camera
    DVD Burner

    New original MacBook Keyboard, Apple Battery and new original Apple 85W charger (charger alone is Rs. 4,500 and new battery is over Rs. 7,000) Will come with factory installed Mac OS X Operating System and Software. A Mickey Mouse sticker was stuck to the top of the MacBook which we removed (partially, as visible in the picture above)
    Rs. 20,000

    Update: The MacBook is sold!

Computer equipment

  • Netgear wireless-g routers Rs. 1,000
  • Lightly used HP OfficeJet 5600 series Photocopier, Fax, and Scanner – Rs. 6,000 or USD $125
  • Laptop PCMCIA WiFi cards (3 available) – Rs. 1,000 for all 3

Mobile phones

  • Sony Ericsson T610 – Rs. 2,000
  • Nokia E61 – Rs. 8,000 Rs. 6,000 or USD $125

Appliances and Furniture

  • Osterizer Blender – Rs. 1,500
  • Morphy Richards Toaster for Sale in New Delhi
    Morphy Richards Toaster for Sale in New Delhi Rs. 2,000
  • AquaGuard Integra7 RO Water Filter for Sale in New Delhi
    AquaGuard Integra7 RO Water Filter for Sale in New Delhi - Rs. 10,000
  • Hydraulic multi-adjustment Office Chair  - Rs. 5,000
    Hydraulic multi-adjustment Office Chair - Rs. 5,000
Airtel India Internet Technology Telecom

Broadband in India is Far from a Reality

Being involved in Startup Saturday Delhi, I have come across a lot of entrepreneurs building Internet applications. Most of them being India centric. The problem, which has been discussed and reported numerous times is that broadband penetration is a miniscule 3% of the whole population. There are roughly 3 million broadband subscribers in India.

Airtel 8Mbps with 4GB Cap
Airtel 8Mbps with 4GB Cap

India being a highly price conscious country, I find it amazing that telcos like Airtel are busy hiking the price of metered “broadband” while degrading service levels. The latest move by Airtel has been to increase the price of their “unlimited” 512k connection to Rs. 1,599 (USD 34) per month. The real kicker is that the speed degraded to 256k after you’ve hit downloads totaling 100GB.

Airtel 512k with 100GB Cap
Airtel 512k with 100GB Cap

At the same time, they are introducing 16Mbps connections for Rs. 2,999 (USD 64) per month that have download caps of 20GB. A single Linux distro download is 4GB. A point upgrade to OS X is generally around 500MB. Buying and downloading a few shows from iTunes or watching a few videos on YouTube and I’ll blow right thru my 20GB limit in a week. If I download roughly 40GB of data in a given month, my Internet access will cost me upwards of Rs. 12,000 (USD 255) per month.

Airtel 16Mbps with 20GB cap
Airtel 16Mbps with 20GB cap

If indian telcos like Airtel were to offer unlimited 1Mbps connections at Rs. 999 (USD 21) and unlimited 2Mbps at Rs. 1,599 (USD 34), the willingness of Indians to spend on Internet access would be much more palatable. Other than those whose careers in some way, shape, or form are connected to the Internet, very few people are willing to spend more than Rs. 999 per month on Internet access. Those that spend Rs. 999 or less per month, get an experience that basically sucks. They are frustrated and completely turned off by the fact that it takes 20 minutes to load a 3 minute video on YouTube.

India will never be a country of mass Internet adoption while the government agencies like TRAI and DoT don’t adopt a definition of broadband that is more inline with shifts in Internet usage. Indian telcos continue to provide subpar speeds at exorbitant prices when compares to the rest of the world. India, touting itself, as the technology center of the 21st Century, must adopt an infrastructure and a coherent policy around broadband deployment and usage. Only with the government mandating the need for widespread Internet adoption, at feasible price points, will there be widespread broadband adoption by non-techies.

However, relying on the government to be so forward thinking is a pipe-dream. What the Indian telcos should do is adopt a model that was instrumental in driving mobile usage in India. Drop the price points so that even the average person (living on Rs. 100 per day), would find Internet usage compelling, useful, and not frustrating. If they were to adopt a mass usage policy and not price their broadband products based on margins, I believe that in 5 years, India could have at least 100 million broadband users (via DSL, cable modem, Mobile 3G, wiMax, etc.) Is it too much to ask the Indian telcos like Airtel, MTNL, BSNL, Tata Communications, Reliance, etc. to push the envelope of adoption? Unfortunately, I think it might be.