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Microsoft backs open source work

It’s great to finally hear that MSFT is beginning to see the light and getting involved in open source projects like Apache.  I just hope the right hand knows what the left hand is doing and this continues.

Read more about MSFT donatine cash to the Apache Foundation and pledging to open up some of their communications software and protocols. 

BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft backs open source work


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Do a full install of Windows Vista for the upgrade price …

This is fairly well known news but I just came across a link describing the loophole in detail.  It describes how to install Windows Vista from scratch using a Windows Vista upgrade DVD which costs hundreds of dllars less than the full version.  I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not a Windows user but it’s probably not legal to do this unless you have a valid  copy of Windows XP or Windows 2000 (something all of us should have with any PC we purchased in the last 5-7 years. 

I find it interesting that Microsoft isn’t acting against this hack in any way.  Probably because they would rather sell upgrades than no copies of Vista at all.

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David Letterman’s Tribute to Bill Gates

Take a look at this great clip of David Letterman’s tribute to Bill Gates.

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Richard McManus: Ray Ozzie and the future of Microsoft

This is a great post by Richard McManus about the future of Microsoft according to Ray Ozzie. Ray Ozzie, as most of us though, is pushing Windows Live to be the center of Microsoft’s future strategy.Richard hypotesizes that we’re now in a post-Web 2.0 era. I tend to agree with Richard’s perspective. I’m just kicking myself for not picking up more Microsoft stock when it was between 21.50 and 22. As of 15:18 on July 31st, it’s at 24.12, down $0.13.

The text of Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie’s speech at Thursday’s Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting 2006, makes compelling reading. To me it sums up why we’ve moved far beyond the Web 2.0 trend and into something much deeper and richer. Web innovation, which is primarily what my blog explores, is no longer just about Flickr,, the latest video sharing site, or the latest social network on the block.

Read the full post: The Ray Ozzie Experience

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