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Startup Weekend NYC Roundup

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. It was a little over 50 hours of intense execution by 150 people dedicated to turning ideas into businesses by the end of the weekend. Taking something from the idea stage to launching it with a business model, an investor pitch, and a functioning product is no small feat. To have accomplished this in 50 hours, was truly amazing. In case you don’t know, Startup Weekend NYC is the event I’m referring to.

Below is a list of the teams that formulated an idea, built a revenue generating business model around it, launched it, and a few of them even got customers in less than 48 hours.

Game Builder Studio is a flash platform game editing suite that provides flash developers with the necessary tools to build the next generation of flash games. Games that are more immersive and interactive and visually stunning. It boasts the capabilities of being able to make a Mario Bros. style game, a Farmville style game, or a 3D immersive game. The simplicity of its user interface allows for inexperienced game developers to jump right in and start creating but provides more experienced flash game developers with the ability to add enhanced features as needed using the editors plugin API


Dial-in, pick a song and sing along! The real cool thing about it is you can also send your track over to anyone by putting in their phone number. Try it out by calling Call 201-564-0921 to join the fun!

Disclaimer:I was a part of team Shumarks and personally own 1% of it.
Shumarks is the easiest way to bookmark and share articles you’re reading on the web with others and create a permanent store where anyone can always refer to them.

It’s the fastest, easiest, and potentially most fun way to find people you’d want to live with. After quickly creating an online profile describing your living habits and preferences, they’ll send you an invitation to a local meet-up in your area.You’ll only be mingling with those you might want to share a home with. So behave yourself.

VROOMmates had people registered and using their service even before they presented the business on Sunday evening.

This is an absolutely awesome service. Adopt A Hacker gives techies a place to crash when they want to visit NYC. They can stay with some great people for free, get connected immediately into the NYC tech scene and get hacking! Do check it out if you want to visit NYC and hack or if you’re in NYC and would love to adopt a hacker for a few days.

Main Street

In less than 60 seconds, you can have a super-simple and effective website that provides your visitors all the necessary information about your business. Main Street instantly pulls in content found on popular social websites including Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp. You, the small busines owner, has complete control in deciding which content to promote to visitors of your website.
The guys from Main Street hit the pavement hard and got customers onboard withing 36 hours of starting up. Completely awesome!

Another great idea launched this weekend was by a lawyer who wants to commoditize legal documents. For businesses, it’s a platform to access custom tailored legal documents and for lawyers, it’s a platform to discuss and create legal documents.

Do check out some of the company presnetations and also the #nycsw event stream on twitter.
For a full list of demos, take a look at the NYC Startup Weekend site.