• A Little Pitch Advice (Playlist)

    Are you a co-founder of a startup? Are you thinking of raising money? Have you already raised money and are navigating the relationship with your new investors? Are you trying to figure out where to start with your pitch deck? I’ve made a playlist answering these questions and some more. Over time, I will continue to add more InvestStream videos to the playlist specifically for startups that are pitching. I hope you find it helpful. Related Posts:4 Tips for raising money for your crypto/blockchain or tech startupCalling all Startups!What is “Carry” or “Carried Interest”?Startup Saturday Delhi – Request for DemosSkin in the Game

  • 4 Tips for raising money for your crypto/blockchain or tech startup

    In this video, I answer a viewer’s question about raising money to take one’s idea and turn it into a reality. The question was focusing on ideas in the crypto/blockchain world as well as more traditional tech startups. I share 4 things I believe are important before one starts fundraising. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the InvestStream YouTube Channel and turn on notifications. Related Posts:Venture Fund EconomicsInvestStream US-India Episode 1“Show Me The Money”: India’s Big Promise to VCsWhy India is the Next Frontier for MobileMeeting Indian Startups Applying to 500 Startups Accelerator Batch 6

  • 10 Things to Consider Before Approaching a VC

    A lot of very very smart, experienced investors have put similar information out there over the last few years. If you’ve read it before, consider this a reminder. If you haven’t read it before then consider this a starting point. This post shouldn’t be seen as a comprehensive list. It’s more of a response to various pitches I’ve been getting from multiple sources over the last month. “Understand the investor’s mandate, fund size, investment reqs. Pitch the right investors and build releationships with others” – TJ Sassani, Founder of Zozi. Research Before going out and trying to approach investors, take the time to create a spreadsheet of the various investors…

  • 11 Tips on Pitching an Investor, Mentor, etc.

    Over the last few months, I’ve Been hearing lots of pitches from entrepreneurs. Before going on, I want to say, congrats to all of you on taking the leap towards building your businesses. That being said, I want to tell you that most of your pitches suck! 75% of the time I want to go to sleep after the first 3 minutes. I guess it’s not your fault (the education system in India never really teaches public speaking). Do the research. It can only help you. Don’t “read Facebook” (I had to put that in. A lovely quote from an entrepreneur I recently met.)! Go read some incredible posts by…

  • Join Geeks on a Plane on a Trip to the Taj!

    If you’re a startup and would like an opportunity meet, pitch, and hang out with 20-25 serial entrepreneurs, investors and startup ecosystem stakeholders from Indian and Silicon Valley, including Super Angel, Dave McClure, please fill out the form below by Friday December, 9th and we will let you know if you’ve been selected to send a representative or two! Travel and lodging will be sponsored by Geeks on a Plane! Loading… Related Posts:Geeks on a Plane India 2013: Big Opportunities, Optimistic Investors, and a Government that’s Finally Waking Up4 Tips for raising money for your crypto/blockchain or tech startupMeeting Indian Startups Applying to 500 Startups Accelerator Batch 6