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  • The Financial Ninja and “Greenspan Sees market Rebound”

    Here’s a great post over at the Financial Ninja’s Blog about how Greenspan sees the market rebounding in six to twelve months. I couldn’t agree with the Financial Ninja more when he says, “I too believe we’ll bounce significantly… but only to dive into abyss after.”

  • Don’t Believe the Market Hype!

    Intro As all of you who’ve been keeping up-to-date on the happenings in the financial markets know, there’s been a good deal of turmoil and volatility continuing. GM and Chrysler, in the US, are begging for bailouts, small, medium, large and extra large companies are laying off people in droves (Citigroup will be laying off…

  • Cracks in the Armor?

    Back in July, I put up a post about the chinks in the economic armor of India. Since July, the BSE Sensex has dropped to a low of 12,575 and rebounded to a high of 15,503 in August. Today it is trading down 149 to 14,174, mostly because of Infosys lowering its guidance. the people…

  • The Office … Space

    Finding decent quality office space for any company is a challenge. However, the space challenges that a startup faces have a far greater impact on the business than most people realize.

  • India’s Economy and The Wall

    For all you economics and business-minded folks out there, I put up a post about my thoughts on the Indian economy and the direction it’s heading in over here. I’d love to hear your thoughts …