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  • Greg Galant on TrueNYC Featured Entrepreneurs

    Congrats to Greg Galant of RadioTail and VentureVoice on the interview with TrueNYC!!  Click on the link below for the interview.  TrueNYC is available on the Internet and NYC channel 67/109. TrueNYC – Featured Entrepreneurs technorati tags:truenyc, nyc, entrepreneurs, interview, venturevoice, radiotail Blogged with Flock

  • Sydney, Australia by Night at 720 Megapixels!!!

    Scott Howard posted an absolutely amazing view of the Sydney skyline using his Canon 10D camera. The picture comes in at 720 Megapixels. It’s not some special spy camera that he got his hands on. It was actually, 169 images stiched together to make a 720 megapizel shot. The really cool thing is that you…

  • Flock RSS Reader + Online Synch

    I’ve been using Flock as my primary browser on my work Ubuntu 6.06 PC, my MacBook and my Mac Mini PPC. It is an awesome browser on each platform!! I’ve never been impressed with the RSS readers built into Safari or Firefox but I like Flock’s RSS reader. I would use it consistently if: It…

  • Online to Offline Photosharing in India

    Amit Ranjan has some great information on Picsquare. I haven’t used the service yet but the concept really appeals to me. I have a lot of pictures that I’d like to share with non-technical family members in India. This would really be a great way for me to send them pictures and greeting cards. I…

  • Happy 4th of July

    Wishing everyone a very Happy, Healthy, and Safe 4th of July technorati tags:holiday, 4th of July Blogged with Flock