Transcending boots

Unfortunately, Doc Searl’s IT Garage blog had some issues with posting comments so below is my comment on Doc’s Transcending boots post
I’ve been a faithful Linux desktop/laptop user for about 7 years with no Windows at all. My most used computer was a ThinkPad T40 running Fedora Core 3, 4 and now 5 with a dual booting into Suse 10.0.

My TP recently had a few too many falls and the system board is damaged. I decided to take a foray into the Mac laptop world after configuring a new ThinkPad that was comparable in spec to the MacBook but almost $750 more. The new and affordable MacBook (Not the PRO) is absolutely amazing, with a few minor issues. I miss my ThinkPad a great deal but what I miss most is Linux.

I am using Q (an OS X port of QEMU) for Fedora Core 5 and am considering Parallels once I up the RAM to 2 GB.

My point is, that you are 100% correct. Apple won’t officially support other platforms but until they make OS X available on a ThinkPad, the MacBooks are great for the price (as long as you’re not a 3D gamer) and now give me the option to run multiple versions of Linux using virtualization or dual booting. Apple is primarily a hardware company and they can definitely sell more hardware if they at least maintain some openness to other operating systems. I just wish they would have added a two button mouse to the MacBook along with a ThinkPad style Trackpoint.


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