Int’l Calling from your mobile for $1/week!

Via TechCrunch today, I came across Rebtel, a Swedish company that allows cheap international dialing from your mobile phone. The way that it works is that you will get a local Rebtel number for your friend/family/etc and you can give them a local number in the city that they are in, via SMS. Then you can call each other as often as you like, for the price of a local call and a charge of $1 per week ( only the weeks that you actually use the service ). Your local cell phone charges are separate. Too bad they don’t cover India yet.

Introducing Rebtel â?? the new way to call the world from your mobile phone.

Check out Rebtel – Local numbers, global friends

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2 responses to “Int’l Calling from your mobile for $1/week!”

  1. Greg Spector Avatar

    We’re working on India and hope to be up and running there in a matter of months.

    In the mean time, if you live outside of India you can use our REBout service to call friends and family for pennies per minute.

  2. Pankaj Avatar

    Thanks for the comment. I’m looking forward to hearing when you have the service working in India. Until then, I’ll use it to call friends and family in Europe.