Lenovo to preload Linux on T60p

Couldn’t Lenovo have announced this in May? It is so tempting to think if I could dual-boot SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 ( preloaded and supported by Lenovo – potentially with all the “ThinkPad Experience” applications like “Access Connections”, “Power Manager” and other utilities available on Windows ) and a version of OS X that people have gotten running on their ThinkPads. One can only dream! I’m looking forward to seeing the full announcement on the 14th. Read the complete article on eweek below.

The PC maker, at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo beginning Aug. 14 , will announce a plan to pre-load Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 on one of its ThinkPad notebooks, sources familiar with the two company’s plans said.

Lenovo to Load Linux on ThinkPad Laptop

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