• What makes a startup venture fundable?

    There are a multitude of things that help make #startups attractive to #angel #investors & #venturecapitalists. In this video, I shared 3 things that I think are critical to a startup being venture fundable. There are a few things that should be on the checklist of any startup before they think of approaching investors other than friends and family. The first is TAM or “Total Addressable Market”. VCs need big markets to support big companies. A better understanding of VC economics would help explain this a bit better but for the moment, just assume that VCs need big exits otherwise they go out of business. Big exits are usually via…

  • 4 Tips for raising money for your crypto/blockchain or tech startup

    In this video, I answer a viewer’s question about raising money to take one’s idea and turn it into a reality. The question was focusing on ideas in the crypto/blockchain world as well as more traditional tech startups. I share 4 things I believe are important before one starts fundraising. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the InvestStream YouTube Channel and turn on notifications. Related Posts:Venture Fund EconomicsInvestStream US-India Episode 1“Show Me The Money”: India’s Big Promise to VCsWhy India is the Next Frontier for MobileMeeting Indian Startups Applying to 500 Startups Accelerator Batch 6

  • InvestStream US-India Episode 1

    In this first episode of InvestStream, Harjit Singh and I discuss the unemployment report and wage growth in the US, interest rate and bond yields, US economic strength, US-China trade war, Uber’s IPO plans and the valuation, startup funding in 2018 in India, SoftBank and their investments in India, and much much more. Related Posts:Venture Fund Economics4 Tips for raising money for your crypto/blockchain or tech startupInvestStream – Our New Podcast“Show Me The Money”: India’s Big Promise to VCsTwelve Years of Indian Startups – Part II

  • Lean Startup Presentation

    This is a nice presentation on the need for startups to be lean and how agile development can help the process. It would have been nice to have audio to go along with the presentation by Steve Blank (Board Member) and Eric Ries (Co-founder and Board Observer) of IMVU. IMVU was founded in 2004 and is doing roughly $1 million per month in revenue. IMVU is a 3D chat service where you can pick and choose your own avatar and much like SecondLife, you can purchase items in the virtual world, using real world currency to buy in-world credits. I haven't used IMVU but users can create items in-world that…

  • Saul Klein’s Thoughts on the European Venture Scene

    I came across this presentation by Saul Klein from Index Ventures. What I found most interesting was slide 33 which is a table listing the top locations for deals in 2007. Bangalore was number 17 with $335 million in 35 funding rounds and New Delhi was 18 with $316 million in 23 funding rounds. It's the bottom of the list but it was interesting to see New Delhi even on the list in 2007. I'm not sure how dramatically this will change in 2009 and beyond but it's interesting to note that after Bangalore, New Delhi was the place where the majority of VC funds in India were deployed. Thoughts…