Saul Klein’s Thoughts on the European Venture Scene

I came across this presentation by Saul Klein from Index Ventures. What I found most interesting was slide 33 which is a table listing the top locations for deals in 2007. Bangalore was number 17 with $335 million in 35 funding rounds and New Delhi was 18 with $316 million in 23 funding rounds. It’s the bottom of the list but it was interesting to see New Delhi even on the list in 2007. I’m not sure how dramatically this will change in 2009 and beyond but it’s interesting to note that after Bangalore, New Delhi was the place where the majority of VC funds in India were deployed.

Thoughts on European Start Ups

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Venture Fund Economics

A great post by Fred Wilson titled “Venture Fund Economics: Gross and Net Returns“. Do take a look if you’re even remotely interested/involved in a startup.