iPhone SDK Is Available …. kinda!

Well, as expected, Steve Jobs & Co., released the much anticipated iPhone SDK. You should be able to download the iPhone SDK in a few hours. It appears, Apple didn’t put enough horsepower behind the servers hosting the iPhone SDK so the site is unavailable.


  • The iPhone SDK is Free to download
  • Intel based Mac required to run the SDK (Gotta figure out what to do with the PowerPC MacMini – perhaps an Ubuntu server?)
  • Costs $99 to join the Developer Program where Apple will give the developer a digital certificate and provide hosting for the app, and testing facilities
  • 70% of the proceeds of any app sold will go to the developer, 30% going to Apple to cover costs associated with credit card processing, hosting, etc.
  • A separate iPhone Enterprise Beta Program has been started
  • Kleiner Perkins has setup an iFund with $100 million to fund entrepreneurs developing groundbreaking applications on the Apple iPhone

From what I’ve seen online, the SDK looks to be very easy to use and very full featured. Not knowing how to program in Objective-C might be a problem but as soon as I can download a copy, we’ll see what can be done by a noob.



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